What makes a Fangirl?

Is it the addiction of being in love with a character or just being a big fan of books? Cecilia and Rita (@chalkkdustbookclub) became friends because of their common  love of reading. They were mesmerized by all the different worlds that they had come across just by opening a book cover. I had the chance to chat with them and see why they are this week’s Fangirl.

So girls, tell me about yourselves?

We are two Portuguese medical students and secret nerds that believe there’s a lot more out there than studying anatomy or physiology. We share this gigantic love for books and fandom since the first day of college. Rita wanted to be a gangster as far back as she can remember and I wanted to be the blood of dragon.

Why do you love books?

R My mother is a teacher and she used to have tons of meetings after classes so she kept me waiting alone for her since I was little. So I took a book with me one time, and I stopped waiting and started travelling everywhere in that waiting room, sitting in the uncomfortable couches; on  the flip side, the couches and the walls stopped mattering and I ended up in love with that magic artifacts that made time and space lose all meaning.

C When I was young, my older brother introduced me into Harry Potter; after that, I had fallen in love with books. Since then, books have been my way to escape reality, and a way that I will never be alone. When I’m stressed or feeling down, books are always there to take me out of my problems

If you could be any character, who would it be and why? 

R That’s a hard question–maybe Twig from the Edge Chronicles. His story, well it’s kind of like mine. I am too from a Troll’s village where I don’t belong (just kidding). No, but he had the greatest adventures and he met so many awesome creatures with whom he developed great relationships. He also had to deal with the evil that lies in the shadows that you do not expect. And, above all, I think he had the most fun discovering who he really was—besides he’s so cute and has a golden heart.

C This one is hard!! But I will choose Daenerys Targaryen… Pretty much everyone knows love her. Since I don’t do much to hide it, I’m a really huge fan of Game of Thrones!! Ever since the beginning, I always had a crush on the Targaryen family! So Dany seems like a really good choice since she is such a badass and powerful women! Well, not the safest choice since the probability of her dying is to damn high, but you know, living on the edge.

Why do you do your bookstagam? 

We met 3 years ago in the first day of college as we discussed about “A Song of Fire and Ice”, and Harry Potter. Then we kept discussing more and that’s how we became friends. Since that day, we share this huge love for reading, so we had decided to bring it to other people because it’s so nice to discover this gigantic community of people like us and that’s what makes us carry on. Oh and we are pretty awesome!