Nicole  isn’t just your regular Fan Girl, she’s living her dream of being an author too.

Graduating from Auburn University with a degree in English, her original plan was to teach Latin before putting a pen to the paper and creating her fantastic stories. Accomplishing two novels, Dragonrider Chronicles Vol. 1 & 2 , (by the way – pretty kickass name) and the pending release of DRC Vol. 3 & 4 of the series plus a YA modern fantasy, The Fibbing Gate—she is one badass Fan girl I tell you! 

Outside from her amazing accomplishments, she’s a mom to a future fanboy and a military wife. I had the remarkable opportunity to chat with this lady about what it is to be a fangirl.

Why do you love books?

N: It’s my mom’s fault. I was homeschooled and every day my mom would start off the day by reading to me. She always chose things that were far above my reading level, and it broadened my mind and cultivated my imagination from a very young age. Ever since, I’ve absolutely loved reading and writing!

If you could be any character, who would it be and why?

N: Tough question! I guess probably Luna Lovegood. I’ve always felt a certain kinship with her (we’re both Ravenclaw!). I love that she’s an individual who is unafraid of the things that make her different. She’s beautifully unique and a talented young witch. Plus, I mean, she gets to go to Hogwarts and learn witchcraft and wizardry!!


Why do you do your bookstagram? 

N: Because I love books and taking pictures! Sure, I get looked at like a crazy person as I troll the neighbourhood with a stack of books in my son’s stroller, looking for the perfect place to shoot a few new pics. But who cares!! It’s so fun! I’ve also found that getting in a community of fellow book lovers has challenged me to broaden my reading horizons into categories I wouldn’t normally venture into.

What a great example of book love and I am excited to buy her copy of her book (can I have it signed?)! Check out this lovely lady’s account to see more  photos and follow her journey to the galaxy!

Happy Readings my Dragons!