Alright, who wants to hire me to do some little kicking of zee butts? Because I am down like Donkey Kong.

Honestly at first, I was really skeptical about this book. “The reason” because of all the hype that I was hearing from people. “OH MY GOD VEE YOU NEED TO READ THIS,” said majority of all the amazing people I know. Finally, I open the book and I was mind blown… Yup, that happen when I read, ‘Throne of Glass’ by Sarah J. Maas.

Caleana Sardothien character is a combination of James Bond meets Cinderella, from my perspective. She’s been imprisoned for a while in Endivoer because some crazy stuff that happen in the past that let her to a life sentences in the salt mines, but she made PAROLE (cue the party)! She’s taken to court to see the prince because he has some great news for her (can anyone give me a bath?) which will lead her to being very well taken care of “supposedly”.

First off, I’d be flipping mad too if someone put me in the salt mines for a billion years (a tad overreacting) and offer me a plea deal that pretty much sucks (in my opinion).

Back to the story: Caleana has been bestowed the deadliest Assassin of Adarlan because she rebelled against the king (I’d hire her) and that’s how she ended up locked up. So why not use her to her full potential, right?

“Hey, I need you to like fight –um against some crazy-messed up people in order to prove that you can be my father’s Champion (Doesn’t sound too bad right?). Oh and I totally think you’d win (Sweet do I win a car?) but….You may die (What the F**). On the other hand, if you DO win we will let you free (Yay to hot showers!)… In four years or so… (son of a),” Said Prince Dorian, this beautiful dreamy guy that every girl thinks he’s sexy and flirts with Caleana but you totally know it’s not going to happen.. Or maybe? Through all of this, she couldn’t be “Caleana” because she had to hide her true identity or else, shit will hit the fan.

So she signed up for this and the prince insisted that Choal Westfall (who at first is a total jerk but then he’s less of a jerk), whose Dorian personal protector and is the third person in the love triangle between the prince and her—was to help her get back in shape (cue the Rocky song) for the competition.

Also, I’m calling this –Choal is going to fall for Caleana. You could feel some of it during the read but it isn’t expressed a lot. Maybe in the next book(s)?  

Not only does it have a strong plotline but you have some humor, some love triangle follow by a “clue” like murder mystery. Why you may ask? Because the competitors that are supposed to be facing her are dropping like flies….I would be like the salt mines are looking great right about now (clue: It was the butler, with the wrench in the library…no it wasn’t). As well, she meets some spirit by the name of Queen Elena (who’s important), and helps her go through all of this. She pretty much is like her soul sister and is there when is needed.

Maas’ novel  kept me wanting more about Caleana and her willpower to break free. It was truly remarkable how she kept her strong, even in moments where she felt weak. I can’t wait to read the next installment of her books (I’m behind four novels … eek). I won’t tell you the end, because that wouldn’t be fun!

 I give this book four years of no showering in the desert out of five!

Happy Readings my Dragons!