Today’s Fan girl is a special one because I get to showcase a birthday girl! This UK beauty represented by the Gryffindor, is one unique and courageous chic. When Beth ​isn’t lost in a good book, she loves to do photography, catch the latest films and write on her blog. I had the greatest time chatting with this lovely and here is why?

Why do you love books?

Without rambling on for too long, I love books because they allow us to escape into another world, become a different person, and live a different life. You can escape into the world that lies within the pages of the book for as long as you like, or until you finish the book anyway! Being able to travel through time and space is possible as long as you have a book.  But some thanks has to go to my mum because she is a huge bookworm and I think that’s why I got into reading and grew to love it so much. We are both big fans of one author in particular, James Patterson, so we always fangirl about his new books when they come out!

If you could be any character, who would it be and why?

This is tricky because there are so many great characters in so many great books… However, even before I read the books, the one character I always wanted to be when I was younger was Hermione Granger. Loads of people probably say her, but I even went through a faze of curling my hair like hers, and I still wear a denim jacket over a hoodie like she does in The Deathly Hallows. She’s just such an amazing, headstrong, capable, brave young woman that doesn’t let anything stop her, and despite being into her education and learning and books (yay books!) so much, she is still a complete badass! (Remember that punch to Draco in The Prisoner Of Azkaban?) Plus, she went to Hogwarts. Who wouldn’t want to go there!

Why do you do your bookstagam? 

 I run my Bookstagram because I love books, I love photography, I love sharing my thoughts on books with others and reading what said others thought themselves, and you can have lengthy discussions about all sorts of things with people you’ve never met before but finish with a smile on your face feeling like you have a new friend. It’s also actually where I find most of the books I want to read so that’s a huge up side. It’s just an amazing community where we all love each other, no one tries to be better than another user, you make friends on there, share a common passion and I just love all that.

Wow! What a  big heart and such a wonderful person! Check out Beth’s blog and see more of her reviews and Photography!