We can all agree that when you do something COMPLETELY STUPID (which even I was yelling at the book and everyone was making fun of me) that there will be consequences.

Was I the only one who thought this had a touch of Stockholm syndrome? Anyone? I’ll take takers but don’t worry I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend (no I won’t).  Brit Pheiffer (not related to Michelle Pfeiffer), her friend, and her friend’s brother who happens to be Britt’s ex-boyfriend (wow that was a lot to explain) go on an adventure together through the Teton Range. I know, the ex-boyfriend had to come because he was the chaperon, but like what the hell? Of all people—you’re picking him? Dad? cousins, grandpa who used to walk six miles to school in a snow storm back in the day? You had WAY BETTER OPTIONS!

Suddenly, some wicked blizzard happens, they find shelter, and she finds a new guy to help her forget about what’s his name (rebound) – oh yeah the chaperon! Wait – don’t assume that this nice boy who gives these three shelter is perfect! He may or may not have, you know, like KILLED SOMEONE with his buddy!  But he’s still hot—just saying.

The story has crazy and bizarre mystery going on (you open pandora’s box) that some moments I was like, “What the hell just happen?” said Vee, as she ate Smart Popcorn in her R2D2 socks.  Becca Fitzpatrick’s overall novel, was good and I appreciated majority of the story. Some of it was way overdone, but enjoyable. I liked the flow of the book and the ending was interesting.

I’m giving this book three weekends with Chris Hemsworth playing the killer in the Shining out of five.

Happy Readings my Dragons!