I’m in love with Jamie, I’m in love with Jamie, and oh did I mention I’m in love with Jamie?  Wow–I need to relax…just a little bit.

Imagine going on your honeymoon, touching a giant rock, traveling back in time to pretty much fall in love with a Scotsman; Wait—add some crazy drama with some pretty much messed up people, plus some steamy love making and trying to figure which man you want—I’d totally redo my honeymoon for this (don’t tell my husband)!

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander has hit mainstream with its television series; however, the book is phenomenal and way better. It’s risk taking, as you follow Claire’s journey as she intertwines her two loves—Jamie and Frank and try to figure out what she desires the most. Gabaldon’s writing is artistic and brilliant. Her world is your world, as she whisks away your mind by horse to the beautiful highlands of Scotland and discover the history that she is rewriting.

I can’t wait to open the next novel and to keep following the journey she has for us!

I give it four hot Jamie’s out of Five!

Happy Reading my Bibliophiles!