Trying to find a star to prove your love to someone has to be the most genuine and most romantic gesture that any man can do. Come on? If some guy wanted to catch the star for you, you’d totally have a meltdown (I would). The story follows Tristan on his adventures to pursuit the star and to win the heart of the town’s beauty, Victoria; however, it’s never that perfect plot that we expected.

The twist in Gaiman’s novel was the incredible star, Yvaine. Both of them create an unique bond together; well—at first she seemed like she wanted to kill him and he just wanted to hurry up to give her to Victoria. On the other hand, both of them had to achieve obstacles that will change the path for Tristan life… which makes him come to the conclusion that maybe Victoria isn’t the true love he seeks.

Now, I could go in more depth of what happens in the end (SPOILER IT’S A LITTLE DIFFERENT THAN THE MOVIE ENDING…) but I think if you have a chance to get this book, READ IT!.

I truly enjoyed this book and has made my top reads for 2015 (or even my top life books). The way Gaiman’s crafted writing and magical world, made me feel like I was Tristan who was risking my life to pursuit my happiness.

I give this book, 4.5 crystal stars from the sky out of five!

Happy Reading my fellow Bibliophiles