Stop what you’re doing, get into your vehicle, drive to a local book store, and buy this BOOK!!!! You will not regret it. I’m sorry, I know I sound a tad crazy, but this book was so incredible that I’m still having withdrawal. It’s bad.  The lovely Morgan and I had this book for our book club!

November 9, it’s about two people; Fallon and Ben, who somehow the universe tight them together in such a unique and very interesting way that leaves you at the end freaking out. I mean, no offence, but I don’t know how they could have done this. Okay—I am going way ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning.

Fallon is with her father on a date because she was telling him she was moving to New York. Great right? No problem there right? Well it turns out that he wasn’t all for it. The reason why she was going, was because she wanted to try again into acting, but on Broadway. Well, two years prior, she was in a terrible fire at her father’s place who happen to forgot about her in the house (come on dad—I guess he didn’t get that year’s best dad award). Fallon was sacred on her face and body, so she felt like she was this ugly person when she wasn’t. Dad, oh he’s an amazing guy (insert sarcastic remark), said she shouldn’t be acting again because the way she looked. How devastating it would be if your father told you to just give up because you’re pretty much not attractive. Like come on? Seriously.

So, guess who heard all of this? Ben! He was sitting in the other booth, hearing all of the nasty things her father said to her. So, this knight and shining armour decided that he was going to save her. So he did! He pretend to be her boyfriend because her father has never seen her with a man ever since the accident. I’d be like totally freaking out inside. I’ve never met a guy wanting to do that. After a very awkward conversation with her father who  left because he wasn’t having it, Ben and Fallon spend the whole day together—on November 9th. By the way, Ben found her extremely attractive.

Wait—it gets better! After this intimate, sweet, and enjoyable day date—Ben decided that they should meet every year on November 9, back at that restaurant. They wouldn’t exchange phone numbers, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, snap chat…geez there is a long list of social media options! They will tell each other what they have accomplished throughout the year, and spend the time just them together. Isn’t it sweet? They were going to do this for five years, because Fallon had said to him she didn’t want to have a relationship not until she was twenty-three.

Morgan says it best!

“You immediately started falling in love with Ben…and Fallon haha!! The love was of course Insta-love, which was talked about a lot. I really think that because it was all about book lovers, writers, and typical hopelessness in the romance department, it had me flipping the page faster than you can imagine.”

Oh, by the way, we need to thank Colleen for introducing “booksting.”

“#booksting … a boy who talks to you about books…it’s like sexting but not really.”

I won’t go into spoilers because you just have to read it!

Oh—just to let you know, you need to have tissues, ice cream, and a shoulder to cry on, because you’re going on one crazy ride. I’ve laughed so hard to the point I’d snorted, I’ve cried so hard that my face hurt, and I felt the pain—when you love someone, but you’re willing to let them go for the sake of their dreams. When you read this, all of it. Understand, that life works in the most mysterious and messed up ways. We are all that someone desiring someone that would be there to make us strong, to believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves. Colleen Hoover, made you believe that love can actually conquer anything from the most hardest and devastating obstacle that you could possibly face to the moment you realize what matters the most.

Eat your heart out friends:

“I think Colleen Hoover is now one of my most favourite authors, and this is so far my #1 by far. There was so much love, but at the same time it was heart-wrenching to read this relationship.” –Morgan

I give this baby, a five out of five –and I don’t give that easy!