There are moments in our lives that haunts us but we try to hide it, but it always comes up at the end. We keep it locked in a closet, never to be open ever. I mean, I have things in my past that I keep to myself and worry that people may judge. But, life keeps going and we just have to ride it through. We can bury ourselves to the point we can barely breathe, but it will always come out. Even if we packed it down with rocks and an ocean—it will always break free.

Reading Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, was breathtaking and remarkably bittersweet. Why? Because you follow these two characters, Tate and Miles, whom at first they just want to be casual. I get it—no strings, just live free and enjoy the attraction that they have for one another. Deep down though, Tate doesn’t want that. Of course she doesn’t. She wants more but if this is the only way to have him, so be it. It’s like that bad boy that you always wanted to be with, but you knew deep down it wouldn’t work. It will end in a way that will leave you crushed and wiped away with the waves of the ocean of your tears.

The story continues with how Miles has something that he’s hiding from Tate. A previous love. A love that was so strong and powerful that you can’t live on without realizing that they were the best thing in your life. But sometimes, love has an expiry date. Whether we choose to let it happen or not, it will come to an end. Do we keep going? Do we keep ourselves strong and move forward? Or do we bury ourselves, never to allow love in our lives again because the pain was so unbearable? Miles, even though he comes of closed off and restricted for feelings, he’s hurt. He is damaged. He is in pain, because of something that no one ever wants to feel. Never. I don’t even want to say what is wrong with him because if you have a chance to read this, you’d understand why he was in pain. Why he built this massive wall to protect himself and fought the feelings off from having Tate in his life.

This is my second book of Hoover’s and I truly enjoy the story. Once again she proves to us that love does conquer, but it isn’t an easy path to get through. I mean love isn’t always easy. There are times in this book where I felt I could relate to the characters emotionally and physically. On the other hand, I wanted to slap Miles a couple of times for the way he treated Tate. I will say, at the end—you will come to terms with why all this occurred. Why he was like that to her, and I think he’s that character that doesn’t like to open up old wounds. I am the same, I don’t like the feeling of past stuff that happen and that is why I understood why he did everything just so that he couldn’t get hurt again.

I highly recommend this book; I read it in two days and I was in such a withdrawal from it.