When I’m writing, I need to listen to music. It’s a must. For some, they may find it hard to concentrate and they forget what they want to portrait in the story; however, I get inspired by it. Each song that I hear, feels like the beginning of a scene that I’m creating in my head. It could be a happy song—like walking down the busy street of New York City on a sunny afternoon. You’re so happy because you found out you’ve scored  the promotion that you’ve always dreamed of. That song playing in your headphones is making you feel like dancing. It’s getting you pumped. Like the song “Geronimo” by Sheppard; it puts a grin across your face and you’re just ecstatic because you have conquered the one thing that mattered the most to you.

How about the worst day you have ever experienced in your life? Maybe someone had died, or maybe your heart is broken because of love. You can’t  even get out of bed. You’ve probably listened to the song maybe a thousand times. It’s on replay and you can’t stop listening to it because it explains how you feel in that moment. One song that gets to me all the time is Fail For You” by Luke Sital-Singh  (cue the waterworks) I think about the heartache of losing that one person and I can see words being so poetic. It’s so hard and yes, you cry like a baby—but you can relate.

Let’s say you’re going out to party with friends; jamming along to a beat you hearing on the radio. The city lights, makes it feel like you’re on the dance-floor in your car as your friends and yourself rocking it out to the tunes. One thing is for sure, I sing out loud to “Can’t Feel My Face,” by The Weeknd (not going to lie–one of my favorite songs. As well, I am blasting and singing this song while I’m writing this article) in the car as I dance away (if you see me—please don’t judge).

All of this, was just created by music. It creates a scene. Now, you don’t have to have lyrics. Heck, one of my favorite composers is Hans Zimmer. It gets you to that emotional state of mind where you feel the pain, or happiness, or just wanting to boogie it on the dance-floor (yes, I just used the “boogie” word). That’s why when you watch a movie, the music is critical. You don’t want to hear “I’m So Excited” when some mass murder is killing someone (mind you that be interesting). It’s the tone. That’s why when I write, each chapter has a  dedicated song to set my mood. When I listen to it, my emotions are in full gear and I have passion to write.

Here are my top 20 songs that I listen to regularly when I’m writing. There is much more songs that are on this list, but let’s face it—I can’t fit them all here. I hope you guys enjoy! I would love to hear which songs get you “pumped” for writing.