Love sucks. Love hurts. Love conquers. Love has sacrifices.

When we think something is right, it may not be the best solution for someone we love. Believe me; you want to make sure that person that you hold dear in your heart is happy; but sometimes, we have to allow them to make choices on their own. Even if their choices makes us feel pain or sorrow, we have to respect their wishes. Nothing in this life can break a true love, I believe. Even in the worst times of our lives, love always seems to linger.

When I was reading this, it felt so real. It really did. I mean, when I followed Louisa’s journey—it felt as though I was her. I was feeling her pain, and confusion, and uncertain with her life. Louisa lost the one job she felt “comfortable” at. Then, she searched countlessly for a job because she needed the money to support her family. She sacrificed. There is a time in our lives where we put someone else first than ourselves. This is what happened; she was working to give to her parents, her sister, her nephew, in order for life to be stable. What she didn’t expect was to also fall in the hands of Will Traynor.

Will had it all. Beautiful girl around his arm, perfect job, money, and adventurous life. In a split second—it was all gone. He was hit by a motorcycle walking one day and life changed for him. He lost all feelings from the chest down, and needed 24-hour assistance. He was a quadriplegic. This man who was jumping off a bridge, skiing in the Alps, and enjoying his life was now bounded by a chair. He was depressed. He didn’t want to live. He found life useless as he sat there day after day, wishing he’d die instead of living. For two years, Will was in pain and agony, until he came to the conclusion he didn’t want to live no more. He wanted to end it. He was ready for it. He tried before, cutting his wrist but it fail. He found a way to allow him to kill himself safely in Switzerland. He fought his parents, he told them what he wanted but at the end of the day they had to accept. He wanted to die. They asked for six months. Six months where they can try if possible to change his mind. And this is how Lou walked into his life. She didn’t know any of this, she just thought she had to help him. Take care of him. But overtime she fell for him.

One day, she found out about all of this and she was devastated. She didn’t want nothing more to do with him and his twisted plans but Will’s parents pushed her to come back. They wanted nothing more than to have their son live–and with her around he did. She was the reason he woke up each day and smiled. What happen next was bitter sweet. She tried to plan adventurous trips, get him to see the beauty of life even in his state. She fought for it, in return Will taught her more than she could ever achieve by herself. He made her believe that she did deserve her dreams, he made her open up, and he made her see what’s outside this small town they lived in. Will knew that she was intelligent, spunky, and unique; yet Lou didn’t think she could do any of it. That’s when she came to terms that she wanted to go to college, she wanted to follow her passion, and she wanted to be with him, even if he had obstacles.  Will made her believe she was someone.  Sometimes, we just have to put “me” before “you”.

But, all good things must come to an end.

I cried. I walked down my stairs to the living room and hugged my husband so tight because I felt like I was facing this heartache. I’m trying not to ruin this story but I cried like a silly baby in the end that I couldn’t even think about anything else that day other than Will. He was imprinted in my brain, and even when I’m writing now, I’m crying. The story wasn’t about relationships and being together. It was sacrifice. When facing  a  hardest decision, that you honestly can’t live by, you have to accept that it was for the best…for them.

This love was so beautiful. It wasn’t insta-love, it wasn’t forced because let’s face it—Will was a jerk at the beginning. But, that’s why it felt real. This is why you need to read this book; this is why you will need tissues and a couple days to dwell in sadness. But as I say goodbye, it will always remind me that every minute is precious. No matter what, always tell that person you love them–and respect what matters the most to them.

This has to be one of my favourite stories I EVER came across by.