You totally know you have one. Don’t lie—even I can tell through this computer that you’re wishing you can meet a guy that is just like the character in the book. Heck, I fantasize about other man (sorry hubby) and if they were real—oh we have problems. Imagine you were in a relationship with them? Oh man! Sorry, off topic.

Today, I want to discuss Book Boyfriend(s)! I think I have ten—but that list was too long (and I would probably write a novel about it); however, I reviewed and narrow it down (which was hard) to the top SIX guys who made me feel so in love with them (I literally smacked my hubby and told him to be like them and cried). Please girls and boys, we can all share them—no not really, I’m calling dibs! Starting off with number 6. He is a special character. He’s sweet, laughable, enjoyable but also underrated.

Tristan from “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman

He wanted to get her a damn star! Come on! I still can’t get over how beautiful his soul was. He was this heartthrob that seem to make you believe in love, even in the worst times. He fought for it—he made sure love was worth everything. But, I think he got so caught up, that he forgot what true love was—and it was right in front of him. At first—I wasn’t into him but after I was so drawn that I fell so hard. He lacked confidence. It’s that kid in high school, who loves a girl but doesn’t have the balls to say something—then finally he realizes he doesn’t want her. He loves someone else. I think, I came to the conclusion that he was just an incredible person that lacked his own identity which made you more fascinated by him, when Tristian finally figured himself.

BEN from “November 9” by Colleen Hoover

Ben is that best friend who understands you so much that you love him to death. You’re willing to give up your friendship to be with him. He’s the guy that makes you feel sexy, empower, and above all, worth it. He’s that guy in the room staring at you and only you (even if there is some Victoria Secret model there). Every time he kisses you, he makes you feel so weak in the knees, that even if you try to fight it—it never works out. For God’s sake he loves books! When I came across him, I was so in love. I mean, I thought I had a relationship with him. But, when you start another book, and you fall for another—worst book break-up ever. Just to mention, without ruining the story, Ben has mystery. He’s complex, and that’s what drives you more into him. Oh lord—I can’t stop giggling like a school girl.

Mr. Darcy from “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen

Mrs. Darcy, Mrs. Darcy, Mrs. Darcy…. Damn it! It gets to me ALL THE TIME! That line! So, if you haven’t read ANYTHING from Jane Austen, please start with this book. I mean, I can’t explain it but the way she tells their love from their touch, or the way he looks at her—you want a Mr. Darcy. I’m just saying. That’s the one thing I was so into classic novels, is that how Austen wrote about the love he had for Elisabeth. Even if he came off as a little bit of an ass, you see the hidden chemistry between them. The desires that they have for one another, pulls you in. I can NOT wait to read this book again this month. I mean, I just can’t explain how much I loved Mr. Darcy. He’s that guy who is really misunderstood. He cares so much for others, but he has this wall. Elizabeth though, broke it. That’s why EVERYONE loves him.

Ira from “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks

I always thought I lived in the 40s. I really do. I always get emotional and sappy hearing about war time love stories from then. I love the fashion, the style, and the life—weird. When I got a chance to read this book, I was so drawn by Ira’s story. It truly showed hardship, sacrifice, and devotion. Love isn’t always perfect and I found this story to feel real. It showed that they had to struggle with life, they had obstacles that almost rip them apart, but they knew their love was powerful. They knew they loved each other—no matter what happen to them. I honestly cried at the end because it was so bittersweet. Ira was dreamy. He made you giggle with his smile looking at his love. Even if he didn’t know any art, he was willing to make his love happy. Gosh—so beautiful.


JAMIE from “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon

He’s beautiful. That’s all. Who wouldn’t want to fall for a Scotsman (I did)? Claire has a tough job choosing who the hell she wants (my vote is Jamie). He is so rugged and um—oh man this is hard to even type because of who he is. So, why do I like him? This man was willing to fight. He didn’t know her but he wanted to protect her, make her feel save. He wanted nothing more to make her happy. That’s why he is attractive, because he’s a protector. If you get a chance to read this, oh man! He loved her and didn’t want to lose her. He was willing to sacrifice his own life for her. He didn’t care about his, and that makes him so attractive! He loved her (I wish I was her). Jamie fell hard for her and he was even going to give up his love for her happiness (no spoilers but so sappy).

Well we came to the last one… I love this story, the one that makes me so wish he was real (sorry hubby). Now, a lot of you will know my boyfriend – Finnick that I love, but this one tops the cake.

Alex from “Love, Rosie” by Cecelia Ahern

The book was given to me in high school and I honestly fell so hard for the story. I know it’s a movie, but the book was a tad different. I mean Alex always loved her. He loved her at a young age that he was SO STUPID not to just say something. I mean, I feel once again this was real. I felt the connection, and I’ve been in Rosie’s spot, that someone you loved never returned that feeling. But with Alex, he kept pushing it away; however, she was the one. Rosie was the one that made him feel complete. He was so charming, funny, wore his heart on his sleeve, but he was always confusing himself. He always didn’t allow his feelings go for it. That’s why I fell for him so much. I literally fell so hard for him that when the ending came I was like screaming to the heavens! He finally understood himself, and I think that was the main reason. He had to understand who he was before he could finally be with her. But, he was always there no matter what happen. Even if she fell in love with someone else, he was her rock.

Alright friends, that was really tough to say because I had struggle who I wanted on the list. Please, let me know who are your top guys? Why are they so attractive? Why do they make you wish they were real?