*I received a copy of Guardians from Future House Publishing in exchange for an unbiased review

PROMOTION! Ethan is made governor (not like The Walking Dead). Sorry, I’m totally going a head of myself.

When it comes to a second book, everyone hopes it going to be good or they don’t even want to read it because the first was fantastic. I mean, I always get super-duper nervous starting the second part because if it isn’t really good, it ruins the first. You come to an end and BAM, here is the second part—but this time it wasn’t like that.

I had a chance to read  Guardians and it was really good (It’s the follow up of Caretaker). I totally didn’t expect to like it (I was hesitant about Guardians because of the ending of the first one—but I was wrong). It was a unique SCI-FI YA book. I would suggest reading the first edition though, because you will understand the concept of the second. This time around, you follow Ethan and his people adjust to life on this new planet; they are dealing with once again drama. So they make it to Minea and well—things don’t go the way they expected it to be (shocker). A couple of companies back on earth somehow own Minea, and they are pretty much using the people for their benefits (go figure), Like mining, and hard labor.

For a book that seems to have so much communication going on, it was ironic to have lack of communication as the issue. To me, it felt like everyone has something to say but doesn’t say it because that would be SMART THING TO DO, RIGHT! There are so many situations occurring from Ethan who goes missing, to Kaia (very important character) having issues with herself, to Ethan’s wife, Aria, who is trying to keep searching for him but people don’t want too—the list goes on. It’s literally an endless amount of problems. All the more reasons in wanting to read it. I like stories  that has a lot of meat to the plot, which allows the readers to see how it all unfolds. The atmosphere was much different verses the first one. You read a lot more “adventure” so to speak. It was rich in the description of locations, more about the planet than instead of a ship. At the end, it left me satisfied and didn’t feel like I was missing anything. It felt strong; in better terms, it didn’t lack. I’d rate this a 3.5.

The talented Josi Russell outdid herself, once again. Pulling you in by making you fall and be attracted to the characters, the way she explains the atmosphere, and overall structure and dynamics of flow. Bravo!

Both Guardians and it’s prequel, Caretaker, will be available for $0.99 Feb 11 – Feb 17. You can enter to win an autographed copy of Guardians AND the new Caretaker audio book by clicking here.