If you haven’t read the first book GET OFF THIS PAGE! Now! Are you gone? LEAVE NOW! Because it will ruin the first one…. #sorrynotsorry

When someone dies, it’s so hard to face life and to continue on without them. I’ve had people who I lost in the past and it still hurts a lot, but there is always a silver lining when we need it the most in the hardest times we face. After You by Jojo Moyes was kind of like a grieving story. Overcoming the fear of “moving on”. From other reviews that I had read, people suggested it wasn’t good. I see their point on how it wasn’t like the first one, but it’s completely different. Remember, Will is gone and it still hurts. I’m not going to lie, I thought I lost Will. My heart still aches for him, and the second book was a way for me to process the grieving over him. It was allowing me to understand that life goes on. I think Lou had the struggles that we could all relate if you lost someone, trying to be happy when she couldn’t. She didn’t want to be happy without him. She wasn’t really living—it felt like she was forced to do the things that he wanted her to do and yet she wasn’t pleased.

The only way to avoid being left behind was to start moving

Lou is now at a dead-end job as a bartender in an airport;  she didn’t follow what she wanted. She was living in a flat paid by Will which felt colder than the Arctic. Lou would just wake-up, go to work, come home, and repeat. This was the norm for her. Until, one day it changed. She was on roof, you known drinking and yelling at Will for what he has done to her and BOOM! She falls off the roof, and landed a couple of floors down. She was pretty much damaged and everyone thought she was suicidal.  From this point on, insert the snowball effect.

Life changed for her drastically at this point, from Will’s past to her attending “moving on” meetings, as well as, her attempting to “date” again. The whole story was comical and sad at the same time. Because, I don’t know how you guys felt who had read it, but I totally was like—this sounds like what I would do. Even though Will wasn’t physically there, he was there spiritually. It kind of felt like Ps. I Love You without the letters. On the other hand, it allowed for her to have another chance with love and a future. I know, it’s hard because I love Will and no one could replace him, but we all have to move on. He will always be in our hearts.

Jojo Moyes did a great way to tight up everything. I mean, I didn’t want to read this book but I was glad I did. It honestly sounds crazy but it helped me understand what happen to Lou and I’m glad she was okay. She needed a voice to put an end on a beautiful bittersweet love story.