DISARM by  June Gray
Published by Penguin Group February  2014
Genres: Romance, Erotic Fiction, New Adult
Pages:  376
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When the secrets of the past begin to surface, the truth can be disarming…
Twenty-six-year-old Elsie Sherman has had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Henry Logan, since she was twelve years old. Unfortunately, Henry—now an Air Force officer—has only ever treated her like a younger sister, stepping into her brother’s shoes after he was killed in action.

That is, until the night when one dance ignites a sensual fire between the two, leaving Elsie aroused and confused. Is she allowed to lust after her surrogate big brother, who also happens to be her room-mate? As the passion between them crosses the line into a territory that teases with the forbidden, Elsie decides to give herself to the man she has always desired. But Elsie is not prepared for where the relationship will take her.


To start off, the description of Henry (good job June for making him the perfect man) was beautiful. He was SO like Henry Cavil. I mean, the whole entire time, I was weak in the knees because I was thinking of him (hubba hubba). I usually don’t read a lot of erotica, but this one was FANTASTIC!


So it starts off where Elsie and Henry go out together to a bar to have some fun. Clearly, there is MAJOR attraction for one another. You know those friends that really do have a thing for each other and yet they try to hide it. Like C’mon! So something happen (Rawr) that made Elsie confused over the reaction that Henry was giving her. The sexual tension between each other was so strong that even though they try to fight it–it was going to happen.

Elsie one day found out news she didn’t want to hear. Henry was being deployed for six months. She was so hurt because she lost her brother to the war and she didn’t want loose him too. Cue the argument “sex” scene.

Both of them did as much as they could to spend time with one another (rawr part two) but Henry’s date for departure was moved up and she didn’t like it. For those six months, they worked on the relationship. They made something out of it as much as they could. Henry wanted nothing more to be with her because he’s been in love with her since he met her when she was twelve. The poor guy had a “hard on” for her!

When he came back–everything was different. Henry had pain. Pain from the fact he lost his best friend and the terrors he saw in war. It took control of him, which Elsie saw that. She advised him to go see someone–to work out the anger issues. Henry ended up going to his old therapist back home. Elsie was thrown off with his choice of location but she had accepted it. As well, she hasn’t seen her family in a while.

Elsie surprised him one night as she sneak into his bedroom after flying from their home to visit him (rawr # 45). Well–when having an “adventurous” night, you tend to fall asleep. The morning was awkward because both his mother and hers stood at the edge of the bed shocked at the both of them naked and together. No one ever EVER wants to be caught by parental guidances when you are ….well you know what! So, to ‘ease’ the situation, both Elsie and Henry confess that they were in a relationship. The families totally were okay with it because they’ve known each other for a while.

Everything was going great. I mean, here is Henry going to his meetings, making sure he’s getting better, Elsie is in love with him, family is loving this–but remember when everything is “too” perfect …shit happens!

Henry breaks her heart. He realizes that maybe he is pretending to be part of Elsie’s family, and copying the life of her brothers that he doesn’t feel that he is truly himself. I get it. He doesn’t know what he wants. All he has ever desire was her. Always. I mean, the dude had the biggest crush on her over the years and there were so many moments he could have been with her but he fought it off. Now, he has her and he feels like is he isn’t doing the right thing. He wants to explore who he really is.

Now, if I was Elsie–I think I would have slapped him. Honestly, he’s finally back and everything is sort of smooth when he throws this bomb. It isn’t even small because they live with each other. Also she flew out to see him, and he had the balls to break up with her…MEN! So just before Elsie was taking off, Henry gave her all his “session tapes” of his appointments to explain why he did this.

Reading that part–I get where he was coming from and why he needed to do this, but still. I feel like he had over-thought things that caused all this drama.

So Elsie just pretty much said screw it,  moved out of the apartment they had shared and tried everything possible to forget about him. The hardest part of breaking up is the mutual friends you have that make encounters annoying. After months of trying so hard to forget Henry, which honestly she couldn’t, she was invited to his going away party. Henry decide to go for a year to Korea. Elsie was pissed that he didn’t tell her but she ignored all the calls and the interactions he wanted with her, so she can’t complain. They have tension between each other and yes they did have “coitus” but Henry once again breaks her damn heart. He kept saying he couldn’t be with her but she knew he wanted her.

Time passed, Elsie didn’t want to wait for him. She wanted to move on and live her life. But we all know that doesn’t happen……



June Gray’s writing was fun and easy to read. You can relate to the situations that the two main characters faced. I mean, I thought about ex-boyfriends who have done things like this to me, and I felt Elsie’s pain. The frustration, the desires, and confusion. There is nothing more than wanting to have and to be in love. But, there are times when it won’t work out or it was heading down a wrong path. Destruction is usually what happens if you don’t address the problem.  I truly enjoyed reading this book. There were some moments that annoyed me (secretly punching my pillow because Henry said things); but such a blast to read.

I rate this beauty, 4 Henry Cavil’s sexual winks out of five.

Happy Readings my Dragons