I don’t even know how to start this. I really don’t know. I have so many mixed emotions right now that I feel like I’m stumped. What if you had a second chance to do over a love? That one where you wished things didn’t crash and burn. Now, that’s physically impossible because we don’t have a time machine. BUT, what if you were in a terrible accident that caused you to have amnesia. You forgot everything; your past, your love, and your life. All that you have is this box filled with items that are supposed to mean something, oh and you have tons of money. Would you want this? Forgetting August by J.L. Berg tells a story of second chances, an unpleasant history that can’t be erase but only mended. This love that seems to pull the heart so much that somehow even amnesia can’t forget what was done.

Everly Adams had her life on track again. Perfect fiancé-Ryan, decent job, great friend, and “comfortable” life. Did she have this before? Nope. She was in love with a man who became obsessive over money. Not to say it was like this at the beginning when they met; but, time changed to the point that she felt like she was in jail with her ex. He restricted her from outings and keeping her hostage. It has been two years since the breakup and accident that led August Kincaid in a coma from a brain injury. Everly believes she never will see him again but he haunts her only in her memories. She fears that he will come after her, pull her into the toxic relationship once more. I guess she wasn’t prepared for what happen next.

Two years, it took to finally open his eyes. August awoken from the coma not knowing who he was and why he was in the hospital. During that time, no friends, no love ones came to visit—he was a ghost. The only thing he had was a box filled with his items. He found out he was in an accident, causing him to have a brain injury to wipe his memories clean. Gone. But as he looked at a photo, something tugged his heart. Everly. As he advised the doctors to contact someone, they reached for his power of attorney—guess who? No matter how hard we try to forget that love, we always have memories of good moments

This caused a strain between Everly and Ryan. He hated him, the fact August put her in so much pain—Ryan wanted her to just walk away, but she felt like this was a way of closure. For her to move on and have a new life. So when she saw August in that bed, she let out the anger only to find out that he had no idea what she was talking about. This only caused more heartache and pain that she tried so hard to run away.


Forgetting August was really one emotional roller-coaster. I loved the fact that it gave both of their POV, which help understand what was going through their heads in the situations that they dealt with. I was drawn more towards August, even though he was a dick prior to his “unexpected” events. I felt his pain as he hated himself so much over what he had done to her. He felt like a coward. Even though Everly didn’t believe that he had “amnesia”, she finally gives in after helping him rebuild his life back. Will she love the old, original, August that would lead her to falling in love with him…again? I don’t know!

What got me more was she let her wall down to help him, even though she had so much hate. Yet, she still had kindness in her heart to feel for him. But remember, all good things don’t always end up happy. The ending twist literally was mind-blowing that I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

J.L. Berg takes you on this ride where you try to wonder and feel for the characters, and wrap your mind over what had happen. Even though the events were terrible, you can’t help but feel sorry over what was ruined. Both Everly and August–you can feel their tension between. The love they had and what they could have been if only things didn’t go the way he wanted it to be. I know, we can all be foulish over fancy things, but love is worth more than money. Will August remember that or will he fall down the spiral towards his old ways?  Part two to the series, Remembering Everly  continues on and I’m so excited to get to read it!  I gave this book a 4 out of 5!