SURRENDER by  June Gray
Published by Penguin Group February  2014
Genres: Romance, Erotic Fiction, New Adult
Pages:  292
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Book Synopsis : Julie Keaton had everything—she had a new career in a new city and, more importantly, a bright future with fiance, Jason Sherman. That is, until the day she discovered that he had been killed in Afghanistan. In one moment, her life changed, as everything she’d hoped for died along with him.

Years later and Julie still feels the aftershocks of Jason’s death. She is no longer the same adventurous, open girl; now she wears armor around her heart in order to protect the most important thing in her life—her son.

But when Julie meets the mysterious Neal, she starts to feel the smallest flicker of hope, as what began as a fling quickly becomes something more. Neal is the first man since Jason’s death to break down her armor and make her believe again. But when she discovers the secret he’s been keeping, she has to ask herself: can she surrender to a future with Neal or will Jason’s death forever tie her to the past?

When you found your love—your soul mate, the one you want to wake up to every morning, the one that handles your feistiness and is your best friend; it seems like everything is perfect with them. But when they are taken away from you; the life that you had dies with them. For Julie, her heart was taken away from her when Jason was deployed to go to war. She was waiting in hopes for him to come home to start a life together, because she was carrying his baby. But not every solider comes home…


Five years later, Julie is attending Elsie (Jason’s sister) and Henry’s wedding with her son Will. She feels good to have the family to help her. Even though, she has been a terrific mother, giving up so much for Will, she just hasn’t been free to explore objects of love. Yes, she remarried but the connection with the man she was with wasn’t like Jason. There is something so amazing that the chemistry between Julie and Jason, people desire it. Sometimes we think we can’t have that because it’s only a “once in a life time” feeling.

Then there was Neal.


She expected he was just a fling, a “having some fun”  but the minute her eyes were upon him, she tried so hard to not give her guard up. She found ways to not allow herself to fall in love;t he scared her because I think she felt guilty to be happy again. There were only two men in her life she love with her whole heart, Jason and now him. For her to fall in love with him, gave her all the more reasons to be scared.  That’s when he broke the news he was in the army. Julie had been colliding her son, trying everything possible to wipe the idea of military, guns, and anything that could relate to his father’s death. Now that she knew Neal’s job, she couldn’t and wouldn’t want to be with him. She couldn’t put her heart again in misery. She was terrified if he was going away and never come back to her, just like Jason.


“Surrender” by June Gray, shows the true meaning of moving on. It’s so hard to ever think of losing someone, but it’s worst to go on with life after you have lost them. Just because you had this perfect love—one that everyone wishes for, you somehow don’t deserve to have another chance. Julie’s problem was she was putting everyone forward as opposed to herself; however, the stars light up for her that allow her to believe she can have another chance. Neal accepted Will like his own, and that’s something truly magical. I know for some people, it’s hard getting their kids involved but the three of them had a unique bond between each other. On the other hand, Julie felt it was too perfect and I guess her intuition was right….sometimes things that are too perfect aren’t always what it seems. The twist in the story was hurtful and I understood where she was coming from–but she tried so hard to find just an ounce of “aha” he wasn’t a good man in hopes to prove that she didn’t deserve anything.


I loved this story. I felt like I lost Jason and it was hard to grasp on the idea of moving on. But, this wasn’t just a message of love, it was that Julie lost herself. She gave up everything for her son that she forgot who she was a person. She did what every mom does, think of her child first then yourself. I highly recommend this book, friends. I was so happy at the end of this story, but I don’t want to say much! I gave this beauty, 4.5 out of 5! 🙂