DAWN OF PROCYON by Mark R. Healy

Published by: Future House Publishing

Pages : 286


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Book Synopsis

Seventeen years after it began, the interstellar war has taken its toll: the inhabitants of Earth are desperate to find a way to defeat the Argoni, a merciless and horrifying alien race.

Light years away from the fighting, mechanic Landry Stanton lives a peaceful, mundane life on the desolate planet Procyon A, and that’s just the way he likes it. But when an unauthorized trip to the other side of the planet leaves him shipwrecked and stranded alongside a hostile alien that wants him dead, Landry discovers a terrifying secret: the Argoni threat is greater than anyone back on Earth imagined.

With his oxygen and water running out, and with no way to warn the United Earth Marines, Landry’s lonely fight for survival becomes a battle for humanity itself.

FYI: I received a copy of Dawn of Procyon from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review


Wow. That’s all I have to say for this review. I know, I know, that’s not telling you the story but I was actually blown away by this plot. Couldn’t get myself to stop because  it was so desirable that you wanted to know what the hell happens! To start off, Dawn of Procyon is about a battle; two colonies—Earth and Argoni, trying to conquer one another as it took place on Procyon (an inhabitable planet). Landry Stanton had an unfortunate situation that caused him to be left on this planet. Now, don’t get me wrong he had a decent life but one day everything changes. I guess helping others can sometimes backfire…


Oh can’t forget this girl Cait, who really really wants Landry’s job. She seems like she would do anything to steal it away, but her break came in when Landry mysteriously disappears….Duh Duh Duh! First day on the job, things don’t go the way she wanted it to be. C’mon, everything is always messy on your first day! The character description was incredible. I liked how Healy’s thoroughly  details everything; from the planet to the people–I feel like I’m walking into the world as if it existed.  The way he makes the two characters be connected was perfect. I mean, I love how descriptive the two characters were and how their lives were polar opposite. Yet, they somehow had similar taste.  I am big on action pack fight scenes. I mean, I love them! So the style that he had written them were really exciting. I felt it was a scene from Independent’s Day, when Will Smith kick the crap out of the alien….just say ” best moment ever”. I felt my heart pounding and flipping out!


Near the end of the book, you knew this wasn’t over. You totally got the feeling that this is leading to more books because there was hints of it. Sorry to be vague bu the story is so good.  It had incredible twists that blindsided you…literally. If you’re looking for an alien intense Sci-fi story, that has a little bit of everything in it–this is a must read! Also you’re in luck, because there is a giveaway happening right now.

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