Parrish by Shannen Crane Camp

Published by Future House Publishing

Pages : 170

Purchased: Amazon


Sadie Smith was absolutely certain of three things: (1) ghosts were indisputably real; (2) she and her three friends were some of the best (though not the most successful) ghost hunters in Oregon; (3) her teammate Jefferson Parrish was always the scariest thing in the room. In a face-off between supernatural beings and Jefferson’s Tim Burton-esque vibe there really was no contest.

But ghosts—unsurprisingly—can’t help pay the rent. So when Sadie and her friends are offered an undisclosed sum of money from an anonymous client to find a link between four historical haunted locations, it’s an easy sell.

During their cross-country investigation, Sadie finds herself forgetting about Jefferson’s macabre tendencies and falling for his sweetness, even if his idea of a love letter reads more like a note from a serial killer. And she can’t stop thinking about his annoyingly irresistible deep green eyes.

As Sadie’s feelings get more tangled up with Jefferson, their group puts together the final pieces of a 100 year old mystery—one that will change Sadie’s life forever.

I wanted to take this moment to to tell you readers that I received a copy of Parrish from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review

This was really different. To star off, I was actually really drawn to the synopsis and the characters. Sadie and her friends has  the coolest job ever, searching for ghosts. I’ve always wanted to be part of those “Ghost Adventures” shows, but then I realize I would freak the crap out by a little noise in the wood floors (eek the thought makes me shiver). Back to the story–Parrish has this fun and mysterious journey of a group of people trying to uncover the the story behind these four places.

When they received a “chunk of money” from an anonymous client,  Sadie and her friend Brighton were down to solve the mystery between the historical locations. The characters felt like  my real friends; each of them were fun, hilarious, and just passionate that it made you feel like you were part of the group. Sadie and her friend team up with Jeffery and his cousin Deacon Parrish (it reminded me a little of Supernatural …) . For your information, Jeff is this weird and interesting character that catches Sadie’s eye as she is fallen for his dark edgy personality.



Plot twist? What plot twist? Oh you mean in the book that was filled with them. Seriously I was thrown in a loop for some parts. I actually was like, “What just happen”. At one point you can get confused as to what was happening; but all-in-all, it was the chase that made you desire more. The perception of the “ghosts” in this book was so incredible and detailed. I mean, I couldn’t read it alone in my house in the day without getting creep out by noises. Sadie was such a strong character, even if she lack strength at times. I could relate to her and the challenges she face but she was well written.

I thought the story was really fun and you can tell that there will be more to this story. If you’re looking for a thrill kind of paranormal story, I highly recommend this beauty.


Parrish is on sale for $0.99 from April 29th – 30th. You can enter to win an autographed copy of Parish by clicking here.

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