Jarod’s Heart BY Elise Manion

Self Published, June 2015

Pages: 225

Purchased: AMAZON 


Book Synopsis

You’d think that, as the oldest brother in the King family and the youngest elected sheriff in Timbisha County, Jarod King would be living on cloud nine, but you’d be wrong. Ever since Miranda left him five years ago for her drug dealer, Jarod has barely been existing, faking smiles and civility for his family’s sake. Women are like Kryptonite to him, unless they’re helping his department run smoothly—like Lauren Lockwood, his secretary by day and royal pain by night.

You’d also think that Lauren, working as administrative assistant to Jarod King, the man she’s loved since the day she laid her young eyes on him, would be on cloud nine, but you’d be wrong. Ever since Miranda broke his heart with her deception, he’s almost impossible to get along with—let alone love.

But when someone from Jarod’s past enters their lives, and the drug dealings that destroyed his marriage set up shop in their small town, Lauren and Jarod will be forced to face the feelings that have been brewing inside them since the day they met. He’ll have to trust Lauren with the fragile pieces of his heart. Lauren will have to find the courage to give him what he needs, if she wants her greatest dream to come true.

Drama! I was blown away with this story! Thank-you to Elise for sending me this beautiful masterpiece. I read the first one a while ago, so it was a must to read the part two. In all honestly, the second drawn me more than the first one. Not to say it wasn’t good, but this part was attractive. Usually the second isn’t always good then the first, but this was a different case.


I didn’t expect this story to be mellow at the beginning because the explosion occurred right from the start. Elise didn’t hold back the twist that unravelled right in front of you as you read the story. It was literally blowing my mind. As well, the history between Jarod and Lauren are right there. I mean, their love is what people desire and yet nothing is always perfect. Everything seem to crashed when Jarod thought he could outrun his past; but, past seem to be uncovered in the most hardest circumstances.

In Jarod’s Heart, Manion’s didn’t hold back the drama. No–there wasn’t any delay for catastrophe lurking in the chapters ahead for the readers. Something that the author did, literally caused so many emotions that even I couldn’t couldn’t control myself. (Thank-you). The characters develop this strong sense of destruction that changes the path that you expected is going to be alright, but meanwhile it isn’t. As well, the references to first responders is very in sync with reality. Kudos for that!



Just like the first book, there is this chemistry that seem to haunt around the family and from the main characters. That even the slightest thing that changes the path for these characters, alternates what could and would happen in the story–CLEARLY you should expect the unexpected. As well, Crying. Why did you do this to me Elise? The amount of tears cried for these fictional characters, it’s an understatement.

Family plays a big part in this story. Even though there is drama and twist, the message seem to have a tie to the King and Armstrong family. Which for Julie and Lauren–they had fought the obstacles even if there was friction. As much as they are good friends, there is  mountains that lead to obstacles in their relationship. It can break or make them. (I keep that a secret).

When it came to the style of the writing, Elise had made me want to know every detail about the characters. It was simply attractive; one that doesn’t let the reader down. She had conquer the idea of all these emotions and placed with scenes that were tattooed in the brain. The amount of times I caught myself going, “Oh wow” was overwhelming. I loved this story. It was packed with a mystery and a struggle for Jarod and everyone. He had so many obstacles that it made the reader seem to be in his shoes as he fought his way to happiness.

I was dragging my feet near the end because I was hoping it didn’t end; however, it had too and it was well written. It wasn’t a usual “tie it with a bowtie” kind of ending. It felt realistic that it made it harder to let go of the characters that you have developed a relationships for. Now, there were flaws because nothing is perfect, but overall it was unique, driven, and powerful. I highly recommend you read this book!

Thank-you Elise, for now giving me book hangover!