PAGES: 410

GENRES: Romance, Suspense



Two households. One secret that will change everything.

I was raised to believe his family was nothing but trash.
I was raised to believe her family was the root of all evil.

I sent his brother to prison.
I should hate her for what she did.

I’ve never fought a day in my life.
I’ve fought every day of my life.

I need him to help me find answers.
I need her to set the record straight.

I should stay away from him.
I should walk away from her.

But I can’t.
But I can’t.

Two families—one love, destruction and broken hearts; All of the Lights by K Ryan, tells the story of an undefined romance that still conquers over the darkness.


Rae had lost it all. From her work to her boyfriend, nothing seems right for her. So what does anyone do when this happen? Pack up and get the hell out of town. She moves to Boston in hopes of making a better life for herself, after what she’s been dealing with. Doesn’t help her sister is a pain in the arse. Nothing seems to go right for her as much as she tries to make it be. I can relate to Rae, because she seems like she doesn’t want any confrontation, yet it lingers around her like a fly getting a taste of food. As much as she is down and feeling buried alive, she stands strong—takes a while for her to realize that.


The other protagonist in the story was Jack. Oh Jackie boy! The Irish fire is strong and independent. The beautiful disaster waiting to happen yet you can’t stop it. His family is pretty much the rebels of the community who stands for the rights. The Mayor who somehow seems to be hated by most, is trying to ruin their city. Trying to breakdown what is good.


So why these two? What seems to be two different people living their lives separately in Boston, somehow meet. That was when everything changes in a drastic turn for the worst. Remember how we all know each somehow, well these two are connect too close for comfort.

Rae’s father is the one man that Jack hates the most, The Mayor.  The man who made his brother go to jail. The one who destroyed his family. Jack has fallen for a person who he least expected to love. As much as he wants to fight it, he can’t. He never can.

Wow. I didn’t expect for this to have so much tension and fury. The way the two characters have fallen for one another, and have to ordeal with the consequences is addictive. K. Ryan had made me sit on the edge of my seat riding through the perfect storm of emotions that lead me to feel pain and lost. I couldn’t contemplate the end because I don’t like book hangers. In all fairness, that’s a good sign because I highly recommend this story and the story clicked off all the check points of a unique strong plot. But still, my poor heart!

Oh yeah, CAN’T forget the amount of secrets! So unbearable. As much as you want to hide things from others, it’s bound to be revealed. What made it more of an addiction was the attraction of both of the characters. They literally kept me wanting the best for them as much as Ryan has thrown at them. So dangerous, yet desirable.

Look no further, if you’re looking for something to keep you at the edge of your seat, check out All of the Lights by K. Ryan.