Somewhere In Between (Novella)

By Marie Everly 

Pages: 109

Genres: Paranormal Romance


I thought living in a real German castle meant my life would be a fairytale. But that was before I knew about the castle’s long and bloody history, before I discovered the lives of its former inhabitants still echo within its walls. And certainly before an American soldier started visiting me in my dreams, slowly drawing me into his world.

As the castle begins to reveal its secrets, one thing becomes clear: My soldier is real. And he needs me to find him.

What a fantastic book to talk about on one of my favourite days out of the year. I’ve always loved paranormal romance. Sometimes when I find a beautifully crafted story, it’s like finding a diamond in the rough. Those novels, tend to leave an imprint in your heart, and this book did just that. Somewhere In Between is about unfinished business. When we pass unexpectedly, we have things that we want to say or do before we are able to move on. We lie beneath the roots and become history.

Alison “Ali” Cooper and her mother started a new life in Germany. Her mother had worked in the air force, so they were always moving. They were stationed in a small town of Haus Altenburg, in a two-hundred and fifty years old castle run by Graf and Grafin Hoenbsroech. Ali never felt like she could make roots, but something about this place was calling for her.

Right after everything seemed to be falling into place, Ali was having these very vivid dreams. She be walking on a battlefield, where bombs are going off, as a man appears to her. He wanted to protect her. This was recurring until she found out that their was a missing puzzle piece. The man in this dream was real. Nick. A soldier from the second World War leading the way towards the mystery of his death. Ali becomes addicted to seeing him, as she kept dreaming to have another chance with him.

My heart was broken. I can’t even express how much this story had impacted me. It had left me with such bittersweet feelings because of the love between Ali and Nick. How for some reason, even in the time difference and different dimensions—they found each other. I wished it was longer, because I wanted to know more. I want to read about the two of them but I knew it couldn’t continue. As well, it brought an important subject that doesn’t often appear. Numerous amount of soldiers that never make it home that are still missing. It breaks my heart to think of people who had lost a love one and will never be able to have closure. Somehow though, this story had given hope.

Ali and Nick’s love for one another, in the short time that they had, will always be unbroken. It will forever be a love that can never be repeat, but relived.