I fell in love with four men. My heart actually hurts for the contestants on the bachelorette when they have to narrow down their choices for overnight stays, because if it involved the #bamaboys, I’m screwed (in a good way?). I found it hard to pick one man I fell in love with–like rock solid chest kind of hard. Did I mention it was hard? Whether you like a man who fights for you, or a man with a broken heart, these four men will crunch your taste buds, leaving you wanting to drink it all up.  The Alabama Summer Series by J Daniels, is a group of friends trying to find some love, while attempting to enjoy the Summer. It’s filled with drama, excitement, fights, and a whole lot of drinking. Ready to meet the men of the Bama Series?


Mia only wants to spend the summer with  her best friend Tessa. In fact, it has been years since they’ve been together. Nine years earlier, Mia moved away to a different state, barely able to see the only friend she had. This time, she wanted to have fun with the wild flower Tessa. On the other hand, there was one thing that was scaring her the most, Benjamin Kelly, Tessa’s older brother. He used to tease Mia badly. In fact, she was contemplating on even heading to Tessa because of his torture ways growing up. So, she grew some strength and decided he couldn’t ruin her chances of having fun this summer. Little did she know that Ben will be changing the game for her.

Mia threw the “good girl” card out the door when she decided to be this fireball. The night before she was supposed to head over to Tessa, she decided that she wanted to lose her virginity to a stranger to not be the lame girl she always been. Well, guess who she got to ride all night long? Can I just say that all of this happen in the first chapter? Yes! Juicy and hot.  Ben is the definition of that rugged man who put you against a wall. He is ripped, a police officer, and has such a bad-boy complex  that made me blush wanting more of him.  He was the fighter in the series. The man that knew what he wanted and fought for. Mia and Ben’s chemistry was so addictive, that literally I wish I was that lucky girl to be part of Ben’s heart.

I feel like I need to play, Whatta Man by  Salt-N-Pepper if I saw Benjamin working out.


Tessa wants love. She wants to be able to have a man to herself, yet the one man she thought she could have been giving her mix signals. Luke has been trying to forget Tessa. It has been a year since they’ve broken up whatever they had, but she still somehow occupied his mind. He does everything in his power to walk away but Tessa is this forbidden attraction that he somehow can’t break away. Tessa also has the same  issue, so she tries to find another man to make her feel satisfied. Deep down though, she wants to have a relationship with someone; nevertheless, her heart is occupied by one man. These two fight like cats and dogs. They get onto each other’s nerve, and the both of them aren’t afraid to bite back. The whole entire book, all I wanted was to slap them both and tell it to quit this frustration. Even thinking about it, drives me mentally insane. That is why I felt these two were the jokers, trying so hard to drive each other up the wall, yet all it did was crumble down.

I felt Crazy B* by BuckCherry should be blaring out of Luke’s Truck (this is actually one of my favorite summer song).


Reed has one title. He is the biggest man-whore in town. When Reed’s is talked about, it isn’t in a good way. Out of the four friends, He’s the man that doesn’t believe in a relationship. You’re probably wondering, “But Vanessa, why do you like this loser?” Let me express to you that I don’t like man who just hit-it-and-quit-it. I detest those men; however, Reed has history. He was in love with a major pain in the arse girl who used him. He was once the guy who leave flower petals on your bed and make you feel loved. Now, he’s bitter and doesn’t give a shit about anything. That’s when he sees Beth, the girl that changed the game.

Reed’s past somehow comes back to him, (don’t you ever notice that always happen when you’re happy). That Beth pretends to be the girlfriend of his, just so he doesn’t feel the pain in his heart from his ex-girlfriend. I was blindside by Reed. I mean, after him being mention in the first three books, I was kind of wondering if I wouldn’t like him. Oh, boy I was wrong. He was the Ryan Gosling of the four men.

Mercy by Shawn Mendes was blaring during my readings of this book, I think this sums up Reed in a nutshell.


Riley is pissed. Her brother won’t invite her boyfriend to a family function, that causes her and her Richard to have a major fight. She told herself she won’t take it, so she ended up breaking up with him. When she tended the party, in walks in CJ. Out of the four men, he’s the one that looks scary but has a giant heart. He’s extremely built, making Ben look like a child in comparison. Riley and CJ kick it off, to the point their clothes are all on the floor of his hotel room. What happens next, is a complete shocker. Riley realized that she hasn’t break-up with Richard, taking him back. Now, she must struggle with the idea of being in love with two men. CJ was my favorite. He was the hero and was willing to wait for her. His whole heart was Riley’s and it melted me every time he called her, darlin. I don’t care, but I can just picture his bright eyes, with his crooked smile, saying it to me. Oh, man! I have a stupid smile on my face.

I can totally picture CJ doing pull-ups to Kiss Kiss by T-Pain. Oh my Heavens, I’m blushing.

All four books are stand alone. You can read at separate times, but you will know what happens to the previous stories (seeing how they are friends, duh).