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*I received a copy of Guardians from Future House Publishing in exchange for an unbiased review PROMOTION! Ethan is made governor (not like The Walking Dead). Sorry, I’m totally going a head of myself. When it comes to a second book, everyone hopes it going to be good or they don’t even want to read it because the first was fantastic. I mean, I always get super-duper nervous starting the second part because if it isn’t really good, it ruins the first. You come to an end and BAM, here is the second part—but this time it wasn’t like that. I had a chance to read  Guardians and it was really good (It’s the follow up of Caretaker). I totally didn’t expect to like it (I was hesitant about Guardians because of the ending of the first one—but I was wrong). It was a unique SCI-FI YA book. I

Five Gifts to Give to Your Book Nerd for Valentine’s Day

Guess what’s happening in a week? Valentine’s Day! Yeah, you read it right. If you forgot, well I suggest you get on the bandwagon before you get in trouble. If you have someone that you love who is a book fanatic (like me), than I suggest you check out these amazing gifts! These are five perfect gifts to show your sweetheart that you love them (if not—get her/him more books, or a shelf, or both). One of my favourite go-to site for shopping is Jordandene. A Brooklyn base company, which started off with a nerdy-apron to now having absolutely EVERY item possible. Their spin on book love can be rocked on a shirt (or undies) is fantastic! So if you have that significant other who loves Harry Potter, get them the “I Solemnly Swear” shirt. They will totally love you to death… or else they will

Top SIX Book Boyfriends

You totally know you have one. Don’t lie—even I can tell through this computer that you’re wishing you can meet a guy that is just like the character in the book. Heck, I fantasize about other man (sorry hubby) and if they were real—oh we have problems. Imagine you were in a relationship with them? Oh man! Sorry, off topic. Today, I want to discuss Book Boyfriend(s)! I think I have ten—but that list was too long (and I would probably write a novel about it); however, I reviewed and narrow it down (which was hard) to the top SIX guys who made me feel so in love with them (I literally smacked my hubby and told him to be like them and cried). Please girls and boys, we can all share them—no not really, I’m calling dibs! Starting off with number 6. He is a special character.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Love sucks. Love hurts. Love conquers. Love has sacrifices. When we think something is right, it may not be the best solution for someone we love. Believe me; you want to make sure that person that you hold dear in your heart is happy; but sometimes, we have to allow them to make choices on their own. Even if their choices makes us feel pain or sorrow, we have to respect their wishes. Nothing in this life can break a true love, I believe. Even in the worst times of our lives, love always seems to linger. When I was reading this, it felt so real. It really did. I mean, when I followed Louisa’s journey—it felt as though I was her. I was feeling her pain, and confusion, and uncertain with her life. Louisa lost the one job she felt “comfortable” at. Then, she searched countlessly for

My Top 20 Songs That Inspire Me to Write

When I’m writing, I need to listen to music. It’s a must. For some, they may find it hard to concentrate and they forget what they want to portrait in the story; however, I get inspired by it. Each song that I hear, feels like the beginning of a scene that I’m creating in my head. It could be a happy song—like walking down the busy street of New York City on a sunny afternoon. You’re so happy because you found out you've scored  the promotion that you've always dreamed of. That song playing in your headphones is making you feel like dancing. It’s getting you pumped. Like the song “Geronimo” by Sheppard; it puts a grin across your face and you’re just ecstatic because you have conquered the one thing that mattered the most to you. How about the worst day you have ever experienced in


There are moments in our lives that haunts us but we try to hide it, but it always comes up at the end. We keep it locked in a closet, never to be open ever. I mean, I have things in my past that I keep to myself and worry that people may judge. But, life keeps going and we just have to ride it through. We can bury ourselves to the point we can barely breathe, but it will always come out. Even if we packed it down with rocks and an ocean—it will always break free. Reading Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, was breathtaking and remarkably bittersweet. Why? Because you follow these two characters, Tate and Miles, whom at first they just want to be casual. I get it—no strings, just live free and enjoy the attraction that they have for one another. Deep down though, Tate


Stop what you’re doing, get into your vehicle, drive to a local book store, and buy this BOOK!!!! You will not regret it. I'm sorry, I know I sound a tad crazy, but this book was so incredible that I'm still having withdrawal. It’s bad.  The lovely Morgan and I had this book for our book club! November 9, it’s about two people; Fallon and Ben, who somehow the universe tight them together in such a unique and very interesting way that leaves you at the end freaking out. I mean, no offence, but I don’t know how they could have done this. Okay—I am going way ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning. Fallon is with her father on a date because she was telling him she was moving to New York. Great right? No problem there right? Well it turns out that he wasn't all for


BIG MAGIC—we all have it in us to be creative and to do things that we want to do. Elizabeth Gilbert was clear; you don’t need to be famous, we just need to go after things we desire. I mean, we all have the ability to become who we want, and still enjoy doing whatever we want. If you’re someone that is addicted to socks (like me eek!) and that you create photos of socks with books, that’s your enjoyment. Do I judge? No! Why would I? At the end of the day, we have to just go with our passion and have an incredible life with it! She reference her friend, who enjoyed skating as a child but believed she wasn’t “good enough”. I’ve been there. I’ve been at that point where people told me I wasn’t good enough repeatedly. When I was in school, one of my


Trying to find a star to prove your love to someone has to be the most genuine and most romantic gesture that any man can do. Come on? If some guy wanted to catch the star for you, you’d totally have a meltdown (I would). The story follows Tristan on his adventures to pursuit the star and to win the heart of the town’s beauty, Victoria; however, it’s never that perfect plot that we expected. The twist in Gaiman’s novel was the incredible star, Yvaine. Both of them create an unique bond together; well—at first she seemed like she wanted to kill him and he just wanted to hurry up to give her to Victoria. On the other hand, both of them had to achieve obstacles that will change the path for Tristan life… which makes him come to the conclusion that maybe Victoria isn’t the true love

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Review

I'm in love with Jamie, I'm in love with Jamie, and oh did I mention I’m in love with Jamie?  Wow--I need to relax...just a little bit. Imagine going on your honeymoon, touching a giant rock, traveling back in time to pretty much fall in love with a Scotsman; Wait—add some crazy drama with some pretty much messed up people, plus some steamy love making and trying to figure which man you want—I’d totally redo my honeymoon for this (don’t tell my husband)! Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander has hit mainstream with its television series; however, the book is phenomenal and way better. It’s risk taking, as you follow Claire’s journey as she intertwines her two loves—Jamie and Frank and try to figure out what she desires the most. Gabaldon’s writing is artistic and brilliant. Her world is your world, as she whisks away your mind by horse to the


We can all agree that when you do something COMPLETELY STUPID (which even I was yelling at the book and everyone was making fun of me) that there will be consequences. Was I the only one who thought this had a touch of Stockholm syndrome? Anyone? I’ll take takers but don’t worry I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend (no I won’t).  Brit Pheiffer (not related to Michelle Pfeiffer), her friend, and her friend’s brother who happens to be Britt’s ex-boyfriend (wow that was a lot to explain) go on an adventure together through the Teton Range. I know, the ex-boyfriend had to come because he was the chaperon, but like what the hell? Of all people—you’re picking him? Dad? cousins, grandpa who used to walk six miles to school in a snow storm back in the day? You had WAY BETTER OPTIONS!


When this Canadian beauty isn’t studying for her college classes, she dips into the world of books to take her away to another world. She loves to have fun with visual arts, and you can see it from her photos! This week’s addition is a special one because not only am I doing a Fangirl review, but I will also be teaming up with Morgan  (@thegraduatedbookworm) on a book review this month! It was such a blast to get to know her and I’m happy she is this week’s Fangirl! Why do you love books? I guess the main reason why I love books so much, is because it can transport you to another world (which I know most people talk about). When I read a good book, I can feel myself become part of the story, and not until the end do I realize that


Thank GOD I don’t have a crazy nut job sister-in-law…. Do you understand that I’ve been counting down the days to see this movie (and to see Tom Hiddleston’s butt)? One of my favorite directors, Guillermo Del Toro has accomplished, yet again, a fantastic film! I can’t even express to you how beautiful the cinematography, costume, and the set design was—I just wish I was part of it (I’d be Edith)! Here is this gothic romance about a girl name Edith (Mila Wasikowska) who happens to see ghosts; she’s an inspiring author that falls in love with Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), and also has to live with the third wheel, his estrange sister, Lucille (Jessica Chastain). Pretty much sums it all up.  PAGING DOCTOR ALAN McMICHAEL (Charlie Hunnam). He’s Edith’s friend and he secretly likes her… but he’s such a nerd (why couldn’t they make him be like his


If you haven’t come across Anna’s (@enchantedbyya) esty page, which she makes these incredible jewellery that I adore, she’s also a talented photographer and blogger who loves YA books. I got to chat with Anna about why she’s fangirl of the week.   Why do you love books? I fell in love with the magic of books when I learnt that they could take me to different worlds where I can connect with amazing people and escape reality for a few hours (or more if I find myself invested a.k.a can’t physically put the series down!)They've also opened my eyes to so many possibilities and woven their way into my everyday life which I'm glad for. If you could be any character, who would it be and why? This is such a hard question and one. I've never had the answer to before; most, if not all


Today’s Fan girl is a special one because I get to showcase a birthday girl! This UK beauty represented by the Gryffindor, is one unique and courageous chic. When Beth ​isn’t lost in a good book, she loves to do photography, catch the latest films and write on her blog. I had the greatest time chatting with this lovely and here is why? Why do you love books? Without rambling on for too long, I love books because they allow us to escape into another world, become a different person, and live a different life. You can escape into the world that lies within the pages of the book for as long as you like, or until you finish the book anyway! Being able to travel through time and space is possible as long as you have a book.  But some thanks has to go to my


Alright, who wants to hire me to do some little kicking of zee butts? Because I am down like Donkey Kong. Honestly at first, I was really skeptical about this book. “The reason” because of all the hype that I was hearing from people. “OH MY GOD VEE YOU NEED TO READ THIS,” said majority of all the amazing people I know. Finally, I open the book and I was mind blown... Yup, that happen when I read, ‘Throne of Glass’ by Sarah J. Maas. Caleana Sardothien character is a combination of James Bond meets Cinderella, from my perspective. She’s been imprisoned for a while in Endivoer because some crazy stuff that happen in the past that let her to a life sentences in the salt mines, but she made PAROLE (cue the party)! She’s taken to court to see the prince because he has some


Nicole  isn’t just your regular Fan Girl, she’s living her dream of being an author too. Graduating from Auburn University with a degree in English, her original plan was to teach Latin before putting a pen to the paper and creating her fantastic stories. Accomplishing two novels, Dragonrider Chronicles Vol. 1 & 2 , (by the way – pretty kickass name) and the pending release of DRC Vol. 3 & 4 of the series plus a YA modern fantasy, The Fibbing Gate—she is one badass Fan girl I tell you!  Outside from her amazing accomplishments, she’s a mom to a future fanboy and a military wife. I had the remarkable opportunity to chat with this lady about what it is to be a fangirl. Why do you love books? N: It’s my mom’s fault. I was homeschooled and every day my mom would start off the


What makes a Fangirl? Is it the addiction of being in love with a character or just being a big fan of books? Cecilia and Rita (@chalkkdustbookclub) became friends because of their common  love of reading. They were mesmerized by all the different worlds that they had come across just by opening a book cover. I had the chance to chat with them and see why they are this week’s Fangirl. So girls, tell me about yourselves? We are two Portuguese medical students and secret nerds that believe there's a lot more out there than studying anatomy or physiology. We share this gigantic love for books and fandom since the first day of college. Rita wanted to be a gangster as far back as she can remember and I wanted to be the blood of dragon. Why do you love books? R My mother is