First off, thank-you for being interested in Florals N Dragons! I am more than thrilled to read your book! I’m happy to accommodate you, but please follow the guidelines as per my request. I accept E-copy, but I highly prefer print due to better quality of photos.

I accept self-publishers as well as publishing companies. Outside from posting a review on my website, I will also be featuring the post on my Instagram, Twitter, and my account on GoodReads.

PLEASE NOTE: I do have the right to refuse a review of a book; on the other hand, respect my “style” of review towards the book. I have a certain style of review—more comical and fun approach. Warning—if you feel that it isn’t the way you would like your book to be talked about, then I can suggest other book bloggers that can fit what you’re looking for.

Preferred Genres:

  • Romance / Rom-Com
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Apocalypse—ZOMBIES!
  • Paranormal / Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Historical Romance
  • YA / New Adult

Non-Preferred Genres:

  • Non-Fiction (I make expectations depending on the story)
  • Horror (Sometimes I enjoy it—debating on plot)
  • Erotica
  • Children’s books

Rating System:

I tend to be picky. Just want to give you a heads up! I think generally speaking, a 5/5 is hard because it literally has to click off “my perfect book list” (I’ve had only a handful of books that did that for me). Whether it made me stay up all night because I could NOT put it down, to it made me cry like a baby that I was in bed for the rest of the weekend and couldn’t live—that sums up my 5/5. However, please respect my honest opinion. Here is a breakdown of what the “stars” represent:


I can’t live without these characters in my life. I just need to like reorganize my life. I am totally heart broken. This book was fantastic—why can’t this be real?


This was such a great. There was minor issues –  lack of information, characters not expressed much, a little dragged on, etc. It just had a couple of things that kept it from getting perfect.


It was alright. I sort of enjoy MOST of the plot, it lacked excitement and dragged too long. But overall, it was well put.


Not my thing—however, it could be someone else may enjoy the story. I just couldn’t get into it.


I disliked the book (I can’t say hate because –that’s just mean). It was not good. It just didn’t make me feel like I wanted to keep on reading. I just felt that it failed every aspect of what I am looking for.

*Remember, this is what I am reviewing, doesn’t mean your book is terrible. We are all different. I like certain things, you may not like it. Please respect my review.

Disclaimer: As stated above, all books I read are either purchased by me or received from publishers for reviewing purposes. Please note that most of the GIFs I use are not mine. All photos are though taken by me (unless it’s the cover of the book displayed or noted in the photo).

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