1425552_10152033117017480_169371187_nHi there, I’m Vanessa but everyone calls me Vee (much better than Nessie). I eat, sleep, breathe books. I’m what you would call a Bibliophile. I’ve always been a big supporter of reading. It’s what makes us connect in many ways. We dive into stories from all walks of life and even worlds. It’s an addiction, I would say. As a kid, I’d get lost into novels just so I can pretend to be something else. Growing up, I had never lost that feeling.  It ran through my blood and eventually I had to chat about it!

What makes this even more of a thrill is that I get to chat with you about books that I come across. Various genres that I desire to share with you. Most of my books come from different genres that allows me connect with others.  As well, I discuss with a community of book lovers, interacting with one another to spread the love of reading in this big beautiful world.

Outside from books, I discuss films and music that are tided in with the stories.


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